New Normals


Shot by Keoni Block

When we didn't have it, we complained about it.

When we got it, what did we do with it  ?  x

We have been unlocked.

Fear won't win. x

Shot by Keawe Block

Sometimes the separation and

silence is what you needed all along. x

Shot by Keawe Block

Understand that your worth is not dependent on what you can produce for people, but instead, what you can produce in them... and we've had it all along....

Shot by Dejon Mcintyre

We've been forced from our creativcomfort zones...

Can't wait to see what we make of it...

Look what we come from.

Shot by Keoni Block

Shot by Keawe Block

Too often we miss out on what we need, chasing what we want...

There are gifts to be had in the darkness, and we all have night vision....

Shot by Keawe Block

There is no fear in Love...

Fear less, Love more...

To be continued... x